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the croc moved to – which has all the events, movies, dining and culture info in Cairo – you can see it from mobile or web.

croc moved

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the croc moved to – which has all the events, movies, dining and culture info in Cairo – you can see it from mobile or web.

za new iCroc

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i think you should check the link above if you want to know what’s going on in movies and entertainment – i apologize for the lack of solid input here on the icroc blog but all our efforts have been focused on creating the mobile icroc – you can use it from the mobile (recommended) by simply typing in your mobile phone’s browser – or you can access it from the above link via you’re computer browser until we get our shit together and have it smart enough to work out where you’re coming from and which version to serve you – which should be complete in about 3 days

on your mobile

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A whole new croc experience awaits you if you go to from your mobile. Updated with full movie schedules, reviews and new openings, and a whole lot more. It’s fast easy and packed full of info.

Entertainment News Roundup

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ahmad-ezz“Wesh Tani” becomes “Badal Fa’ed”

Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz is starting to film his latest movie “Badal Fa’ed” with Ahmed Alaa, in his cinematic debut, which is written by Mohamed Diab.

The movie, which was initially titled “Wesh Tani,” is going into production for six to seven weeks at most, according to Diab.

“Ezz will play two roles in the movie, twins who are totally different. It will be a big surprise and will have lots of intense action sequences,” he added.

The movie is slated to be released during the summer holidays.

basmaBasma happy with “Rasayel El-Bahr”

Basma has expressed her happiness at her latest role in the Dawoud Abdel-Sayed movie “Rasayel El-Bahr”.

“I can’t really say what my role is, but I can say that it’s totally different, and I hope I get some good feedback about it from the audience,” Basma told

The film is only half way done, according to Basma, who also said she had no idea about a set premiere date.

Basma made the announcement during a ceremony held by “Dear Guest” magazine.

“Rasayel” also costars Mai Kassab, Hassan Hosni, Asser Yassin and Mohamed Lotfi.

hossam-habibHabib adding final album touches

Hossam Habib is currently adding the final touches to his new upcoming album, which is set to be released sometime during the summer.

The Egyptian singer is also getting ready to shoot the video for his song “Gowwa El-Alb,” his fourth.

“I decided to shoot the new video for my old song, but I’m not really decided on which song from the new album to have a video for,” he told “I’m trying very hard to catch the summer season, but I won’t release anything until I’m satisfied with it, more than the previous album.”

The album will host Mohamed Rifaie, Mohamed Rahim and lyricists Ayman Bahgat, Amir Taema and Gamal El-Khouli.

sabah-rolaSabah urges fans to dance to her songs when she dies

Acclaimed singer Sabah, 82, says she’s not afraid of death because it’s a “drink everyone tastes.”

She also said that when it’s time for her to leave this world, she’ll thank God a lot for all the blessings He’s given her throughout her life, according to El-Mawed magazine.

“I live the years of my life in peace and hope. Thank God, every year is happier than the one before it and I hope to always have this feeling,” the Lebanese star said.

“After I die, I want my fans to dance the famous Lebanese dabka to my songs all around Lebanon,” Sabah said. “I don’t want a big funeral. Playing my songs and dancing to them is more important to me.”

Sabah also said that she hopes people will still love her after she passes away.

Sabah’s latest music project was the duet ‘Ali’ with Lebanese singer Rolla Saad more than two years ago.

icroc – just for your mobile!

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scan me

scan me

The all-new, all-fresh mobile version of the icroc is coming out on Sunday February 1st, 2009. It’s a beauty! Tailor-made to fit your mobile, it is fast and friendly, and, because it is the Croc, it is free!



Highlights of the mobile version are:

  • it’s very fast and easy to use
  • it has all the movies and movie times and movie-theatre information
  • you don’t have to wait till the beginning of the month to get new stuff
  • the events calendar will give you all the daily events in culture, the arts and live music
  • new stuff will feature random madness, as well as party news, new openings and other stuff which pleases us
  • the directory of delivery, dining and bars allows you to find numbers fast, and then simply click-to-call – no hassle, no pen and paper, no drama
  • you can rate restaurants, bars, cafes and movies
  • you can send us stuff via your mobile and we’ll publish it

if you’re too lazy to write into your phone browser simply scan the strange black and white picture with your phone and it will take you to the icroc automatically.

If you don’t have a scanner on your phone then get one, because we will be filling the printed croc with lots of free goodies that will be accessed by scanning these weird ‘barcodes’.


First things first – can your phone handle it?

You will need to know your mobile model in order to get the correct software for your phone.

Grab yourself a QR Code Reader here’s how. . . . . .

The easiest way is to point your mobile phone browser to one of the following providers and download their FREE software – they should be able to detect whether your phone is good enough.

You may need to press ok to go through to the URL.

Go on try it . . . This is the hardest part of all.


On your mobile

Or check out their website for more information





Once you have one you’ll be able to scan any of these weird symbols with your phone, and believe me, you will begin seeing these everywhere soon, so get with the 21st Century!

We judge it for you: Twilight

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Mock it if you want, but for the legions of devoted fans of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling book series, Twilight was the most eagerly-awaited movie of 2008.

Heroine Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is a smart, quiet, and slightly clumsy 17-year old girl who moves to Forks, Washington, one of the cloudiest and rainiest towns in America, to live with her divorced dad Charlie (Billy Burke), the local police chief. Shortly after arriving, she falls in love with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), the most attractive boy in her high school.

There’s only one problem: Edward is a vampire. Fortunately, he’s not a nefarious vampire like those that usually populate teenage horror films. Edward is part of a clan of well-intentioned vampires who drink animal blood instead of human; in an ongoing joke, they refer to themselves as the vegans of the vampire world.

Bella and Edward initially avoid each other and try to avoid their mutual attraction. Edward doesn’t want to hurt her (or worse — bite her), and Bella has been warned off the Cullens by her pal Jacob (Taylor Lautner), whose Native American tribe seem to be the enemies of the vampire family.

Though they eventually give into the mutual lust, there is one important caveat. Because he does not want to lose control around her, Edward tells Bella they can’t have sex. (The pro-abstinence message is one of the reasons the series has become so popular amongst tweens and their moms.) To keep their hormones in check, the couple spend a great deal of time not touching; while climbing trees or lying in meadows or sitting in class, they spend an inordinate amount of time gazing intensely and adoringly into each other’s eyes.

While Edward and Bella are busy falling in love, a trio of more evil vampires, led by tracker James (Cam Gigandet), are killing people near Forks, grabbing the attention of the Cullen family and Bella’s police chief father. Luckily, the script, though mostly faithful to the book, eliminates a great deal of Bella’s clumsiness and teenage swooning, and amps up the action scene (which in the book is mostly glossed over).

As far as tales of star-crossed lovers go, Edward and Bella are no Romeo and Juliet. Still, as an ode to love of the emo variety, the movie still manages to charm. The film is full of beautiful shots of sweeping northwest scenery, the soundtrack is appropriately moody, and the appealing leads are full of endearing teenage angst. You might go in skeptical, but allow yourself to be won over.

Film is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and also stars Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Ashley Greene (Alice), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Anna Kendrick (Jessica), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria).

Grade: B+

Entertainment News Roundup

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haifaAgram is my only friend, says Wahbi

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi said friendship within the entertainment scene is a rarity, adding that making friends with other singers isn’t a requirement, even if they were from the same country.

Nevertheless, she expressed her admiration for compatriot Nancy Agram and said that she was the only exception.

“Nancy and I are very good friends and we’re always connected. When I send her a shout-out in any of the interviews I do, she makes sure to call me personally to thank me, and vice versa,” Wahbi was quoted as saying by MBC’s official Web site.

“All these reports about bad feelings between us are not true. What’s true is that we’re competitors, but in an honorable way,” she added.

Meanwhile, Wahbi said she had to postpone her wedding until after the war in Gaza.

khaled-el-nabawiNabawi, Karim to star in “El-Raks Maa El-Maghoul”

Khaled El-Nabawi and Nelly Karim have both agreed to star in the television series “El-Raks Maa El-Maghoul,” which is produced by Sawt Al-Cahera.

The new show will have a spy-thriller backdrop and will be written by Lieutenant Mokhtar Ezz El-Din and directed by veteran helmer Khayri Beshara.

Production is scheduled to begin sometime next April, while getting a Ramadan spot next season.

Nabawi last appeared on the small screen during Ramadan in the sitcom “Caffechinno” alongside Donia Samir Ghanem, Nashwa Mostafa, Soliman Eid, Amr Rmazi and Abdallah Meshref.

Karim also last appeared during Ramadan in the show “Naseem El-Rouh.”

boshra2Boshra to shoot “Lahazat Harega” again

Boshra is getting ready these days to start shooting her role once more in the second season of the hit television series “Lahazat Harega”.

“We’re preparing now, and we’ll be shooting very soon so we can finish it up before Ramadan,” Boshra told

Amr Waked stars in the show alongside Randa El-Beheiri, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghni, Amir Karara and Ahmed Rateb.

Lots of other celebrities, including Ahmed El-Sakka, Mona Zaki, Ahmed Helmi, Youssra and Latifa have made guest appearances on the show.

amr-diab2Rotana’s February 2008 albums revealed

Rotana Production Company is getting ready to release seven albums throughout the coming month, February 2009.

“Seven new albums will be released in February, some produced by Rotana while some are only distributed by the company,” Rotana spokesman Hossam Mostafa told

The albums will be released with the following dates:

February 7   : Hassan Abdallah 2009

February 10: Carole Sakr 2009

Ma’a Hobi 2009

February 21: Ahlam 2009

Hadramiyat 2009

February 28: Abdallah El-Rowayshed 2009

Mostafa also said that on Feb. 14 there will be a huge surprise by Rotana, but he kept all details under wraps, only saying that the company will release a big surprise on Valentines Day.

Considering that Amr Diab’s album is scheduled to be out mid-February, Rotana’s Valentine’s Day surprise just might be the release of Diab’s new album.

Clowns Without Borders

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French comedy group Clowns Without Borders will be playing around Cairo this week with the El Khayyal El Shaabi theatre company. Dates and times listed below.

Mon 26 Jan: St. Andrews Church, Asa’af, Down Town, 11.30 am
Hadiqat el-Tifl (Childerns’ Cooperative)  Sayida Zeinab, 3 pm

Tue 27 Jan: Don Bosco, Shubra, 2 pm

Wed 28 Jan: el-Bashayir, Helwan, 11 am

Thu 29 Jan: FACE (ngo), Medinat el-Salam, 11 am
College de la Salle, el-Daher, 3.30 am

Fri 30 Jan: Don Bosco, Shubra, 11 am
Shehab (ngo), Ezbet el-Hagana, 3.30 pm

Sat 31 Jan: el-Fayum 4 pm


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Football Under Cover, 2008, 86 mins., by David Assmann and Ayat Najafi. German with English subtitles.

Monday night at the Goethe Institute (Dokki) at 7 p.m.